True NRC®, Your Guide to Acoustic Ratings

With so much information in the acoustic industry, it can be hard to gather accurate research to make an informed decision. That's why Arktura created True NRC®, an initiate born out of our dedication to transparency and accuracy in acoustic ratings.

In this free guide, you'll find an introduction to acoustic terminology and the True NRC® methodology. With it, we hope to bring you the peace of mind to guide you through your next acoustic project.

What We'll Cover in this True NRC® Introduction

Testing: The Right Way

After reviewing terminology, this guide breaks down various mounting types utilized in acoustic testing. Then, learn how to compare NRC results.

Why True NRC®?

Discover how True NRC® creates transparency to empower you to deliver the best results for your clients. Then, learn how our NRC calculations are achieved.

Truth in Acoustics

Explore the tactics employed by manufacturers to inflate NRC numbers and Arktura's commitment to providing accurate acoustic data for our products.